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I offer a variety of services including:


**Abdominal Therapy - helpful in bringing the body back to normal balance and function from various health issues seen or unseen from trauma to digestive upset, extremely healing work for the uterus particularly for those having trouble with fertility, and for issues surrounding women’s menstrual cycles.

**Classes - as a practitioner and educator of this incredible work, I offer various classes for personal care called The Basics, which are intended to help us all be healthier, happier, and live fuller lives via our own hands and our own inner wisdom.

As an herbalist, I offer various classes and workshops on everything from plant identification to meditating with plants.

**Herbal and wellness consultations 

**Spiritual Healing - for treating trauma, grief, anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness, feelings of heaviness and turmoil. Truly, the list is long for this ancient, worldwide healing technique.

**House and personal clearings - Whether you believe you have some sort of entity hanging around or simply want to create a new energy (your own) in your space, I use very gentle techniques with respect and dignity for all who’ve come before. 


I have been a certified massage therapist since 2004 and began my journey as an herbalist in 1995 (though some would say it began when I was a child in the garden). My botanical products are purposely simple, and my practice is intended to be the same - to heal via uncomplicated techniques, with the wealth of an abundant planet, and with gratitude for that abundance and to my many teachers.

Please contact me to schedule a session or to inquire about fees. And please ask about sliding scale as ability to pay is not a requirement to receive needed care.

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