"Stephanie gave me some salve several years ago. My Brittany, Lola, had several surgeries in that time - hunting dogs! I used the salve on her stitches and cuts and it seemed like it helped protect the area and healed faster. My sister has had the same results with her dogs." 

Brian Roberts


"True to it's name, Stephanie's Miracle Salve has been a miracle--and a staple--in our household for over 5 years.  We try to keep about 3 containers of it handy because my 9-year old daughter keeps one in her room to treat her dry skin and eczema while my 11-year old keeps one in her room to spot treat dry winter cheeks and chapped lips (she swears it's the only product that cures cracked lips in just one overnight). I keep one container in the fridge for soothing first-aid for bug bites, stings, and cuts.  I find it's also great for cuticles when I'm at work and sometimes I use it simply to bask in its wonderful fragrance!  This one product does so much that everyone should try it for themselves (and then pass along this miraculous discovery to their friends!)"

Barbara Daniel


"For the past two years, I have purchased several brands of foundation for my face in hopes that one would work. I don't have a problem with finding the right skin tone foundation but I do have a problem with how it feels om my face, wrinkles become more defined and there is no moisture. So my face looks very dry and the foundation feels heavy.

I purchased your Nourishing Whole Body Cream and decided to mix in some liquid foundation. I first applied your cream to my face for about five minutes then I took the mixture and applied that to my face. The texture felt very smooth, refreshing, a cooling sensation and a nice light beige tone. My face did not show any wrinkles or lines. Also, it is great as a sunblock. 

Thanks, Stephanie for your wholesome and natural products."

Pat Hoeben

"When I use the Nourishing Whole Body Cream my skin feels immediately smooth and silky just as advertised. It's just like being pampered at a spa. My husband uses the salve on abrasions and cuts and loves the body cream especially on his shaved head. Your care products have a luscious fragrance which helps to relieve stress. I will definitely continue to purchase these products."

Ro McShaffry


About Mayan Spiritual Healing:

“I didn't know what to expect when I decided to try a Mayan Spiritual Bath. I sat outside in the sun with my feet in a bowl of beautiful flower water, while Stephanie walked in slow circles around me whispering her incantations, smudging me and the space around me with Copal. Without expectation, I closed my eyes and quieted my mind, becoming completely present and open to the experience. Stephanie gently poured flowers-in-water over my head and shoulders, chest, arms, and legs, then she attentively held the space while I entered into sweet communion with plant and flower beings that made themselves known to me. As an intuitive healing facilitator, I am privy to dialogs with many energies, but to have direct messages from plants was a uniquely beautiful experience. Thank you, Stephanie, for the many healing gifts you graciously offer."

Monica Anderson

"It’s like a positive flowery magical experience where Steph works her good witch magic for healing."

Jen Baranovic