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Zoom Class - Get an amazing introduction to the workings of the mysterious gut! 


March 10th - 6-7PM

$20 registration fee via:

1) Venmo @Stephanie-Naftal

2) This page via Paypal


The small intestine and large intestine, stomach, liver, kidneys,

gallbladder, pancreas. These are complex organs working together in a

complicated, beautifully intricate system. A system that can operate

differently in every single person.

Have you ever had trouble with this system? Have you experienced

cramping, constipation, food sensitivity?  Have you ever been to a

Colon Hydro-Therapist?

Join us for a one hour zoom call to learn more about this complex

system, how it works, and how to nurture and nourish it in a holistic


Christina Love has over 40 years of experience as a Colon Hydro-Therapist. She is incredibly knowledgeable and full of care for people. Christina is amazingly intuitive and gifted when it comes to this system in the body. She will give a brief talk and then leave plenty of time for questions and interaction. 

This class is well worth your time and will lead to deeper discussions and zoom calls in the future with us.

Call will be recorded as well in case you can’t make the live version. Please feel free to message me your questions and I’ll ask them for you.

Zoom Class - Abdominal Health - An Introduction Featuring Christina Love

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