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I’m excited to offer these lovely and meaningful bracelets with essence.

Chakra Bracelet and Flower Essence Combo

  • I am teaming up with Amber Burgess of Reiki Healing With Amber, to offer my flower essences along with her chakra bracelets - each bracelet is specially made to work in conjunction with my essences. 


    Flower essences are a gentle yet powerful nudge and support to your energy body and spirit. In small amounts, they reach into those small spaces and heal, bringing you greater peace or shift in energy. 


    Amber's chakra bracelets all have self-love in common. She works with the metaphysical properties of stones and crystals, infusing them with reiki to cleanse and enhance their properties and add loving intent to heal for your highest good. She uses rose quartz, hematite, African turquoise, lava stone, red coral, onyx, wood, canyon marble, amethyst, new jade, red tigers eye, and dragon's blood.


    Currently offering the following essences, matched with Amber's bracelets:

    Poly Redhead (Ixcanan) -  use for root chakra healing, openness, release, joyful and protective feminine energy, trauma release. I made this essence in Belize.

    Jasmine – use for crown chakra healing, uplifting, angelic, calming, lifting consciousness upward. I made this essence in Belize.

    Wild Rose – use for heart healing, love, compassion, purpose, enthusiasm, developing feminine energy. Essence made in Red Lodge.

    Bleeding heart – use for broken heartedness, especially from co-dependence, painful attachments, hip alignment. Essence made in Red Lodge.

    Fairy slipper – use for standing in your power and beauty, manifesting spiritual wisdom and potential, feeling feminine divinity or masculine divinity and balancing for each, developing a sense of adventure, sometimes called Calypso.

    Calendula – use for attracting sunny spirits for yourself, warm communication, protection from energetic intrusions, safety, peace, heart centered, grounding.

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