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Enjoyed during Oniya Retreats and is available to the general public

Oniya Retreat Oils

  • Oniya Heart Oil and Oniya Montana Moon Oil - both designed with Oniya retreats in mind, one for morning heart opening rituals and the other intended for bedtime to open to dreamtime and peaceful processing of the days events and a-ha moments. 

    Heart Oil contains avocado oil, rose petals, rose essential oil, and vitamin e. 

    Montana Moon Oil contains avocado oil, rose, myrrh, frankincense, bergamot, and jasmine essential oils, and vitamin e. 

    Oniya retreat guests who wish to reorder Montana Moon Oil, please specify whether you'd like to receive Oniya labeling again or if you'd prefer Bitterroot Botanicals labels (if perhaps you are ordering for another person?). 

    Montana Moon Oil is a sacred oil made with 9 different plants, gathered on the full moon. Some of these plants only bloom during the full moon cycle.

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