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Learn to make your own fresh, delicious cordials!

Learn to Make Cordials!

  • Cordials are those lovely little drinks you sip on like, elderflower brandy or chokecherry brandy. In this class you will learn to make your own and also learn about making more complex beverages like Chartreuse and Pelinkovac and Medica/Medovaca. If your ancestry is European, there's a very good chance your relatives drank these kinds of liquors. 

    You are welcome to bring any berries you prefer, feel free to ask me ahead of time if they'd be appropriate. I will also provide them for you, dependant upon which berries are out and ripe! Either way, I'll provide you with everything you need to create your first cordial.

    If you've made cordials before, please come and join the cordial party too! We'll be discussing all things cordial and doing some tastings as well. 

    Two hours, open dates, specific location in Red Lodge provided after registration.

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