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Join me for this class  and learn about kitchen remedies!

Healing Spices

  • Did you know that your kitchen is a wealth of healing spices? It’s true! Some of our best remedies and ways to stay healthy come from our seemingly simple household spices. Not only for flavor, they have a depth of healing capabilities.

    Join me for a class and conversation and learn about kitchen remedies!

    Learn how they heal, what their uses are, how to find and store them, and fun ways to cook with them. We will definitely discuss my favorite nine spices but please let me know which are your favorites for cooking and I’ll make sure to cover those as well!

    Open dates - if you cannot attend this event live, you will have access to a recording afterwards.

    $30.00 (contact me at to find me on Venmo)
    Further details emailed to you after registration

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