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Learn how simple and regenerative this practice is and enjoy some time fully immersed in the life of the forest.

June 8th  1pm-4pm

Class size is limited in order to improve individual experience.

Japanese people have always been connected to the forests via religion, culture, and history. Though it has ancient origins, forest bathing began as a practice about 30 years ago. With the stress of the 1980's came Shinrin-yoku as a way to help people de-stress and therefore have greater health. It is used as preventative medicine as well as for treating certain illnesses.

Using all five senses, people report feelings of calm, lightness, serenity, protection by and connection to the earth, the interconnectedness of all life, and many other beneficial results. Spend the morning in the trees and learn this practice that you can utilize anytime you go for a walk.


This event will occur rain or shine.
*Walking distance will be less than one mile total.
Cost: $50 per person, Venmo and Paypal available in checkout.

Forest Bathing - Breathing with the Trees

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