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September 28, 2020

4:30 - 6:00 PM


Red Lodge, Montana - location given after registration


Let’s enjoy the magic of fall together.


In this class, you'll learn about plants that can be eaten now or preserved for later, collected during the winter, and different ways to prepare these plants for healthy, delicious teas or in various dishes. Local medicinal and edible plants are plentiful - some can be found in your backyard and some are considered weeds. Many plants have berries that can remain all winter! 


We will identify plants, talk about preparation, then we will go to my house and prepare something fun from our fall foraging! We'll focus on native plants, as well as how to ethically collect plants in the wild.


Come for a walk and learn about some wonderful plants so close to home. The end of summer in the woods is a precious time before everything goes quiet for the winter. Learn to collect wild food and prepare to enjoy the harvest through the winter.


The walk will occur rain or shine, so check the weather and make sure you either have sun or rain protection and will stay warm.


This class will require at least five individuals or event will be cancelled. 


Cost: $45 - Credit cards and venmo accepted (please friend me first if using Venmo and do NOT click ‘paying for goods and services'). Also, feel free to ask me about paying in person if you prefer.
Kids under 10 are free.


*Walking distance will be less than one mile total.

Forage, Prepare, Eat - It’s Fall!

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