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Healer, heal thyself

I know this, I’ve experienced this many times, I embrace this. So I decided to heal my thyroid. Enough with taking Naturethroid everyday and watching the dose slowly rise. If my thyroid is outta whack, then so are other systems in my body, right?? And when it comes to chronic illness in the US, you really need to take care of yourself and advocate for yourself. So why was I surprised when I asked my naturopath, “how do I know my hypothyroidism isn’t autoimmune?”, and the response was that we could do a test? Why? I guess because I was amazed that after all these years, no doctor has thought it might be important to know that

detail. The answer was yes, it’s autoimmune. So, turns out it’s my immune system that needs to heal.

Basically my immune system is out of balance. Rather than force it into compliance I’m going to support it. I figured I’d share the plan with you now and let you know how it goes since I know there are plenty of women out there with autoimmune disorders.

First, the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet. I’m currently on day 17. I ate pretty well already. But AIP is showing me where there were improvements to be made and how often I was either grabbing less than great food in a rush or doing the ol‘ emotional eating. I still really want a piece of chocolate cake. It isn’t a physical craving. It’s an emotional craving.

Second, I’m going to start more regularly taking adaptogenic herbs like reishi, tulsi(loooooove tulsi), guduchi.

Third, selenium.

Fourth, full blood work analysis including iodine.

Fifth, get back on Adrenal Health. I cannot say enough for this product by Gaia Herbs. They should pay me for the number of times I’ve recommended it! For someone who can ramp up fast or whose feet hit the floor in the morning already running or gets stressed and then exhausted, this product is for you!

Last, but not least, continue with my self care (daily Maya abdominal massage) because I know that helps to keep the body in balance.

I know about mercury and heavy metals being a cause but I’d rather just clean everything up on the inside for awhile and see how that feels.

Basically the conversation my immune system has with my body and the outside world needs to change and I’m willing to figure out how that new conversation should go. Or more directly, let the adaptogens have this conversation with my immune ststem while I trail along trying to keep up and/or stay out of the way.

I’ll post an update at some point in case anyone is interested in this for themselves.

Farewell for awhile rum - comparing of Belizean and Nicaraguan rums will have to wait.

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