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Groovy food update

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

WOW! This whole autoimmune protocol (AIP) is amazing!! I highly recommend it! Check out the link below.

I did it strictly for 30 days and felt SO much better that I started to introduce other foods. The only time I really veered off a little was when we were in Livingston for the day. I was about two weeks in and already feeling WAY better. I think the introduction of crappy mystery oil was the culprit - just wrecked my gut. I woke up at around four in the morning, immediately ready to vomit. I sat up straight in bed about to run to the bathroom when it started to subside almost as quickly as it woke me up. Crazy!

Mostly it’s been awesome. I feel great, I’m not as dehydrated, my skin isn’t as dry, bloating gone, I lost 10-15 pounds that I was not losing any other way, and I got to really love the meals I was making and how much I was cooking and taking good food with me everywhere. It’s kind of nice to have an excuse to NOT eat crap. I even gave myself the pleasure of eating the most delicious piece of bread I’ve ever had in my life! With zero consequence.

Here’s a link to an easy read if you’re interested:

I added in sunflower and pumpkin seeds one day. Not good. The roof of my mouth started itching that afternoon. Some foods made my ears itch.

I added egg yolks - organic from Costco - not good. I felt super nauseous two hours later.

These things are not out forever but they needed to go to the back burner for a couple of weeks! My friend Melissa has chickens, so I tried those egg yolks two weeks later. Totally fine! The only thing I can think of is that those chickens are roaming the yard being omnivores like chickens are supposed to be; eating bugs and seeds and whatever. The egg whites were fine too. But I’m definitely not eating eggs everyday anymore.

I added a little tequila - phew!! Worked fine, but wow was I dehydrated from even a small amount.

I added too many things at once last week and ended up with hives on my face this week. Also, I looked three months pregnant. I think it was probably the wine I tried and the cashews - I don’t know. But hives are no fun and it has really shown me, again, how important the liver, kidneys, and gut are to the health of the skin.

One more thing for anyone reading this who is dieting or doing paleo or AIP or keto or whatever. Don’t say you are high maintenance when you go out to eat and don’t submit when people tell you that you are or when they tell you that you’re challenging or difficult... your prioritizing of your health does not make you high maintenance or difficult. Hang with people who support the fact that you are supporting yourself and your good health.

My favorite mocktail on a hot day. Homemade ginger ale, pomegranate juice, lime, sparkling water.

Impromptu snack when I didn’t feel like cooking. Organic salami, avocado, sweet onion.

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