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Flower Essences

Updated: May 3, 2021

With the offer of a matching flower essence and chakra bracelet discounted for Valentine’s Day, I’ve been getting a few questions about what essences actually are. Some people just love the idea, some think they have scent, some have no idea how to use them, and some are curious how they work.

I have many people and friends to thank for teaching me about the essence of flowers. Like many things in the plant world, it will be a lifelong learning process. There is so much to know and so many layers of understanding and so many plants to connect with.

To begin, think of each flower as a sovereign being with it’s own personality and traits. This is why each essence is unique. They are certainly all beautiful but they are more than just pretty flowers. Think of them also as having different ways of connecting with us and remember they want to help.

There are also different ways to take them into the body; under the tongue, on the wrist, on something absorbent that you wear all day - lots of ways to do this.

I always tell people to tap the bottle on their palm a few times. This activates the essence, waking it up while you set your intention. Intention and connection are important! While each essence will help in certain ways, this is your chance to ask for exactly what you need help with. Next, you can put a drop or two under your tongue; or you can put a few drops in a small glass of water and sip it; or you can put a drop on each wrist over where you feel your pulse; a friend just told me she put a few drops in her palms, rubbed them together until they were warm, and held them over her heart (love this). There are lots of ways to use essences! Breathe deeply. It might take a little time, so be patient and let them do their work. Let these little bits of essence seep into the tiny spaces of your spirit.

Check out my ’shop’ page and see the now ongoing essence and chakra bracelet special as well as the variety of 11 essences that I currently have in stock.

I will also be offering a class this summer so that you can learn to make your own flower essences! Learn more and register here!

Fairy Slipper flower essence
Fairy Slipper - an orchid, a beautiful flower essence.

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