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Abdominal Therapy Techniques

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I learned about these techniques a couple of years ago and started to use them on myself last year. I had a difficult case of dysplasia that wouldn’t go away on its own and the doctor wanted to perform a LEEP on me. Electrified cable in my cervix? No thank you! I used various methods within the Arvigo protocols for six months and to the doctor’s surprise, no more dysplasia. I was thrilled of course and had already begun my journey to learn these techniques and be able to help others. My own story was an excellent personal testimony and affirmation for me.

What are these therapies good for? It’s a long list! Really long. Think female reproductive issues like fertility, endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual pain, irregular cycles or excessive bleeding, prolapse, and PMS symptoms. Expand that to digestive issues including constipation, diarrhea, bloating, IBS, indigestion, and cramping. Then expand that further to include men’s health issues such as prostate health, reproductive issues, and UTI. That’s just a sample of all the remarkable results that can come from these therapies.

It starts with an appointment which includes a lengthy intake visit, abdominal massage, and back massage, followed by take home instructions for your self-care. Results are often felt after the first session but as you can imagine, the power is in your own hands to do your own self-care and healing. This is about your health and your well-being, and these appointments truly can be rich in information and healing for you to take with you going forward. I couldn’t believe as a massage therapist, I hadn’t been exposed to this yet. I was so in touch with my body by the end of the six months I’d treated myself, that I knew my test would be negative. I celebrated lunch with my friend Becca that afternoon, feeling 99.9% sure I was celebrating for a reason. The .1% was simply leftover self-doubt/worry. Many women and men report the same kind of feeling after doing their self care work; that not only has their health improved, but they are more in touch with their bodies and its needs.

Maya abdominal massage has been passed down for hundreds of years, finally to a man named Don Elijio Panti. He had no family member interested in learning from him and he yearned for a true student. Rosita Arvigo became that student in the eighties and remained his apprentice for the next 13 years until his death in 1996. All he knew was in his head as he could not read or write. I cannot imagine the number of people NOT helped if he and Rosita hadn’t found each other and if she hadn’t been so tireless in her efforts to spread this work. It is the lineage of Don Elijio that I follow. Lineage is important. Just about anyone can go online I’m sure and watch various videos of massage and do it. But with lineage work, passed down for so long, you aren’t just going through the motions. Just think about all that history - your hands are basically the agents of the ancestors. And when I teach you the techniques to do on your own, my hands are on your hands. We are lucky to have modern medicine and advanced medical procedures, but to ignore the beauty, the personal contact, and the simple therapies of the ancient world would be foolish.

Rosita and me - Belize, winter 2019

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